Experimental film, 2016 / South Korea

There is a recorder which has an unbearable memory inside. He remains equivocal about the decision to play it again or not. The atmosphere surrounding him is subtly calling him, but he is still in the state of contemplation...

Production: Yhertz Films
Music Artist
: Katsunori Sawa
: Hyunzun You
DP: Maksim Arkatov

Producer: Jungil Lee
Executive producer:
Donguk Lee

Cast: Kimc
Stylist: Sejun Park

Project Manager: Cinjay Lee
Assistant Director: Jinwoo Park

Film shown as part of Noncinema project in Seoul:

Noncinema: Iridescent Agony will present a multi live act that combines film, live visual, music, performance and text. A specially devised stage, which is structured with variable five screens will be installed at the venue, and this so-called 'Iridescent Screen' will function as an effective agglomerate to depict the theme, iridescent Agony. This multidisciplinary composition, formed with palpable performance, music, image, lighting and text that ranges from ferocity to resplendence, will physically stimulates us and touches our various senses.

Sound I Katsunori Sawa [10 Label]
Sound Remix I Eexxppoann [Constant Value]
Film I Hyunzun You - Bitter Branch
Film Remix & Live Visual I Nahsol
Performance I Kwon Juyoung
Stage Design I IVAAIU CITY
Script & Directing I Cinjay Lee